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In order to create a successful website, it is crucial to go through a few steps. The conception of a web project starts with the realization of a specification or a brief.

A web agency that produces a specification must have an idea of the competition, an idea of the content of the portal to establish its tree structure, an inbound marketing strategy …

The accomplishment of a web project also requires a zoning, a model, an integration, the development of the project, the internal recipe, the customer recipe and finally the online publishing. Thanks to the intervention of a digital communication agency like ours and the creation of quality websites like Magasin De Musique, entrepreneurs will save time and money. They guarantee the improvement and the follow-up of their online identity with complete peace of mind.

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The web agency offers its clients advice in web editorial strategy.

Graphic design

To create a website, you need graphic design skills.


The creation of a website depends on its objective: online sales, company image...


Digital communication can be done through the web, social media, mobile devices...


To make a website visible, the portal must be identified by search engines.

Digital marketing

There are several tools that can bring more impact to a society. Content marketing, natural referencing, marketing analytics that casque-audio.info uses are some examples.

The trick to refocus on the objectives to be reached for a website is to think about a digital strategy. The digital marketing campaign allows you to get closer to your goals.

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The template used in the creation of the CASQUE AUDIO website is a tool capable of separating the presentation of a portal from the editorial content. Also called graphic template or theme, the template simplifies the modification of certain elements of a website: text content, colors, images and backgrounds. This tool facilitates the design or updating of a web portal.


An effective Webmarketing strategy involves drawing up a portrait, choosing a positioning and the marketing objectives to be achieved. Our experts have well defined the targets, set up the brief, the strategy of the means and finally the retroplanning in order to succeed and boost its online visibility.

Mobile application

There are 2 categories of mobile applications: native applications and hybrid applications. There are some differences between mobile website and web apps. The web application requires the use of a browser. It adapts to the technical constraints of mobile devices. As for the mobile website, it is a version of a web platform adapted for mobile devices.